The Inner Athlete Philosophy

Lisa assistCompetitive by Nature, Competitive by Nurture

Human beings are biologically programmed to be competitive – food, shelter, mates, etc. We all possess a drive to thrive.

Modern life has warped our competitiveness into something that can be damaging to us, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and financially.

Yet, to admit to being competitive can been seen as negative and “aggressive.” Being competitive is also seen as being unable to relax, to be calm, to be kind.

But what if we took our innate competitiveness, and instead of trying to smother it and deny it, we use it to propel us forward with positive changes for health, fitness, spirituality, and life choices?

Your “inner athlete” doesn’t have to be the next Tiger Woods, a marathon runner, or a yogi able to wrap your legs around your neck. Your inner athlete is the “you” that wants to be the best “you” possible.

Outside motivation never works and never lasts. That’s why people fail on diets, New Year’s resolutions, and self-help programs. It is only when we finally feel the need to change and embrace it that we can start to make effective and lasting changes in our lives.

Equilibrium Retreats helps people tap into their inner competitiveness, shedding all that’s negative about competition, and finding an inner determination that thrives on the challenge of change.